Sunday, April 30, 2006

Impressions of Los Angeles

Rob and I are now in L.A. for the summer. We were planning on leaving Thursday morning but we got back from Salt Lake late on Wenesday and still had a lot to do on Thursday morning. Plus, I still wasn't done with all my papers so I was frantically trying to finish them all since they were due on Wenesday. We finally decided we weren't going to make it out on Thursday and left on Friday about noon. We stopped in Las Vegas for lunch (In & Out Burger) and made it to Los Angeles by 9:00 local time. Rob's aunt was surprised we had made it so fast. No one was home when we got there because they weren't expecting us for another while, so we called their cell phone and they came home.

The whole trip to L.A. we had sunny weather, but as we entered San Bernadino it suddenly became really cloudy and we have not left the clouds since. I guess it is cloudy because of the ocean and will be until the begining of July.

I really like Rob's relatives. In the house there is only Uncle Steve, Aunt Wendy, and their son Woody. They also have a son, Daniel, who is on a mission in Peru but will be coming home this summer. Steve and Wendy have worked really hard to make the extra bedroom look nice for us. The rest of the house is remodled, but the kitchen and the hallway down to our room is not. I think it is really funny that they have this nice house in a pricey neighborhood, but the kitchen is tiny and looks the same as it did in the sixties. They don't ever really cook here, only on Sundays. We even use paper plates and cups instead of real dishes. I must say, it is really nice just to throw away the dirty dishes; it makes for a fast clean up.

On Saturday we took the bus downtown because that is how Robert is going to get to work so we wanted to try it out. The bus drops him off right by his building and it is an express bus so it doesn't take too long. I will driving up to my internship, but it isn't too far either. I don't have to get on the freeway at all. I just take Palm street over to Sawtelle Blvd. and take Sawtelle up to my office building. I think the only hassle might be trying to find a parking spot since I will have to park on the street.