Sunday, February 07, 2016

Snow Snow Snow!

We've had a good amount of snow this winter, and it's been cold enough that it takes a long time to melt. Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling all that well since December (more on that later) so 


I haven't had much energy to get the kids outside to take full advantage of the all the snow. After the first big snowstorm Micah said he just wanted to stay inside in (my) bed all day, and that sounded great to me. Above, Micah hides under the covers from me and Camden thinks he's hiding too if he hides his face.

One day that we did get out was when Draper city had a candy cane hunt. It was the day of a big snowstorm and the kids all came dressed in their snow clothes ready to find candy canes in the snow. There was about 1/3 the amount of kids they usually had, so it was great! There were plenty of candy canes and prizes for everyone.

Playing in the snow before they got started.

 Lined up ready to go.

This is them collecting candy canes. The organizers put most of the candy canes near the sidewalks but my kids thought it was best to jump into the snow anyway to get them.

Playing outside in our backyard after the snowstorm. Julia told me after Christmas that she had had enough playing in the snow and was ready for spring, so we really haven't been out much because I don't have the energy to try to convince them they actually want to go play in the snow, plus having to get them dressed and go out to play with them,

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