Tuesday, May 05, 2015

River Trip

Steve and Wendy invited us out for a weekend trip down to the Colorado River last week before it gets too hot down in the California desert. It was "only" 100 degrees while we were there, so very manageable =).

The trip came with perfect timing to break in our new mini-van. We are now that family, but it was time. With two rough and tumble boys poor Julia kept getting her hair pulled and face kicked as she sat between the two boys in the backseat our other car. Now they have much more room in the back to spread out.

Camden was not a fan of the road trip. He didn't do too bad, he wasn't screaming the whole time at least. But he did let us know he was not very happy to be stuck in the car for so long.

Micah and Julia were super excited. We left Thursday afternoon after we picked Julia up from school. Earlier that day Micah went with me to drop off Julia at school and as soon as we dropped her off he said, "okay, let's go to the River!" I had to tell him we had to wait for Julia to finish school before we could go.

The kids loved playing in the sand. We don't have a sandbox at our house, but we do have an empty flowerbed with a lot of dirt (or mud) and they could stay out there playing in the dirt all day. So they were in heaven just playing away to their hearts content all day on the beach and shallow water.

Well, except Camden. It did take Camden a bit to warm up to the feel of the wet sand on his feet the first day, but then he loved it. Unfortunately the second day he wasn't feeling well so he spent most of the day napping back at the trailer or sitting on my lap on the beach.

The kids all got to go out on the seadoos a couple times.

 Even Camden. I think the ride about put him to sleep though.

Julia took a long time to prep her pose for this picture. Robert said the water was really smooth and there was hardly anyone out on the River that day.

Snack on the beach towel.

Micah was so tired at dinner that he started eating his food with his head on the table, and eventually fell asleep.

Another day heading down to the beach. The kids all woke up at 6:00 am everyday, so we were heading down to the beach by 8:00 am. Camden hitched a ride in the wagon.

Building sandcastles.

They also had a swimming pool and Julia said swimming in the pool was her favorite part.

The freight trains all stop in town and change crews, so we went down to the train station after dinner on Saturday and watched the trains come in and leave. Camden was soo impressed. He loves trains right now. Last week at stake conference he was playing with his toy trains in the pews when Micah came over and sat next to him. Micah even didn't touch the trains at all, but poor Camden was so sure Micah was out to steal his trains that he started yelling, "Choo choo! Choo choo! Choo choo!" over and over in the middle of the talks. I couldn't get him to calm down so I had to take him out so he could play with his "choo choos" in peace in the foyer.

Camden was hardly even blinking as he clutched his toy wooden trains to his chest. As the trains left he would do a tiny princess wave goodbye to them (elbow elbow wrist wrist..). One train even tooted it's horn for them!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Julia!

Our firstborn is now 6 (going on 16)! She always has a lot to say, loves using her imagination, and is a bit of a drama queen sometimes.

Her actual birthday was Sunday, so we just had some family over to sing to her and eat cupcakes. She wanted "Tinker Bell-green frosting" because she currently loves Tinker Bell.

I gave her the option of going out somewhere fun like we did for Micah's birthday, or having a birthday party. She didn't hesitate to choose having a birthday party (like a true extrovert she loves the excitement of a good party). We went with a Neverland theme birthday because she wanted to do a fairy birthday, and I told her we should do something to include the boys too if they didn't want to be fairies. So we focused on Pirates and Fairies in Neverland.

We decorated fairy houses.

Most of the little girls used markers to color theirs and added stickers, but we also had the option of paint for the older kids. And they didn't have to make a fairy house, they could just stick with the regular bird house if they wanted.

The girls got fairy wings, boys got pirate swords, hats, and eye patches, and any leftovers were up for grabs for anyone.

My grandparent's came, their first time to our house.

We also went on a Nature Treasure hunt, and when the kids finished finding all their items they met me back at the Pirates Den (Micah's room) where we found the "treasure," a box of chocolate gold coins. Like all true pirates we handed the coins out to everyone one by one until they were gone so everyone got an equal share.

Finding their nature items.

Anyone who was too old for the crafts and games sat in the living room and chatted.

We also had a Tinkerbell pinata.

Ryker was surprisingly good at whacking it.

Then we had dinner. While we were eating dinner Julia fell off her swingset and was in tears, so we opened presents to cheer her up. She wouldn't leave my lap though, so I had to sit there with her.

Then we had cake and cupcakes. See the video at the beginning of the post.

One little "lost boy" Camden

Julia Tells Us About Herself

This year instead of writing about what Julia is like at age 6 I had her tell us about herself.