Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

When Robert's Mom was here last week we went to the same little pumpkin patch in La Verne that we went to last year. It was perfect for us this year because it's small and that's all I wanted to do with a new baby in tow.

They had a couple little wooden horses to ride and photo opps.

And some animals: calf, bunny, chicks, sheep, pig

The kids got to choose their own pumpkin from the baby pumpkin area.

With their pumkins.

A couple days later they painted their pumkins

Julia made a lovely little Jack O Latern face.

Micah was very excited to paint every color we had onto his pumpkin.

Ward Halloween Party

We had our ward Halloween party on Friday night. It was also unfortunately exactly during the BYU football game, so Robert and Micah watched it on Robert's phone.

Micah gives us his best cowboy face.

Since we had the costumes put together from our family reunion this summer, I was Padme and Julia was Princess Leia. Julia had actually wavered between Princess Leia and just doing her costume from last year again, Princess Aurora. By the time she decided to be Princess Leia I had already gotten Micah another costume, a cowboy.

Camden spent the entire party sleeping in his carseat. It was a Halloween miracle; I actually got to enjoy every minute of the party.
Julia with a friend.

The costume parade.

And of course the best part was the trunk or treat afterwards. Julia was super excited to finally be doing some trick or treating. I think she has been looking forward to Halloween even more this year because Camden's imminent arrival has been a constant reminder that after the baby is born, we are having Halloween. It has been at the front of her mind for a while. 

Micah was a little confused about what we were doing at first, but after a couple cars he got really into the trunk or treating too. So much that after we went to all the cars and went back to our car Micah kept trying to wander away to the next car for more candy. Unlike Julia when she was Micah age, he knows exactly what candy is and loves it. I gave him two pieces of candy that night and he was going crazy wanting to get more.

Our hair after we came home

Pumpkin Carving

We got to take the center pieces home from the ward Halloween party on Friday, a large pumpkin! So Saturday the kids and Robert carved our pumpkin.

Julia gave it a try, but she was not really into scooping out the guts.

Micah was very into grabbing things off the table. Apparently he was excited for the carving part.

 After they scooped it out Julia drew the face onto the pumkin.

 Then Robert carved her creation while Julia and Micah watched.

The finished product.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Bringing Camden Home

We spent one night in the hospital and the next morning let everyone (doctors, nurses) know that we wanted to go home that day. 

 Our last nurse kept telling us she didn't feel like she was even our nurse because there was nothing we needed. Help with the baby? No. Pain medicine? No. Questions? No. The most we saw her was the last couple hours of her shift while she was trying to get everything ready for us to go home because she knew we wanted to get out of there ASAP and she figured it'd only take longer if she didn't get us out before shift change. As soon as 5:11 pm rolled around she came in and did all Camden's 24 hour tests and started getting the paperwork done for us to be released.

Below: Waiting to get released at the hospital.

We came home from the hospital on Monday night around 8:00 pm with a new baby brother, 30 hours after we had left the kids with my visiting teacher  I wasn't sure at all how Micah was going to react to me having a baby. He likes babies, but would he like Mommy having a baby? 

Micah was super excited when he first saw the baby. He kept running around laughing like it was Christmas or something and trying to grab at Camden. At first Micah really wanted to be touching Camden's face and carry Camden around like a baby doll, obviously a no-no. He has since calmed down a lot and just likes to pat Camden's head every chance he gets. There's been a couple times when I have Camden that Micah seems to want my attention, but mostly he just loves seeing his little brother.

 Julia was full of awkward questions when we got home from the hospital like why did we have to go to the hospital to get the baby out and why is mommy's tummy still so big. She has had no problem adjusting to having a new baby around and loves asks to see Camden all the time too.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Camden William Wheat was born Sunday, October 6, 2013. More details later, but basically I had irregular contractions from about 1:00 am- 6:00 am, then they stopped. I figured it was just false labor and that I was not going to have a baby that day, but maybe sometime in the next couple days. My father-in-law was even visiting and we told him we probably weren't going to have the baby that day and sent him home to Arizona.

 An hour after he left, around 10:00 am, the contractions started up again, but still irregular. So I still wasn't sure I was really in labor. They eventually started getting closer together and stronger though, so I called my visiting teacher to warn her we might need her to watch the kids that day (she knew we were going to call if we had the baby that week). An hour after I called, I called back and said I'm pretty sure were going to have this baby today, can you come over now. The contractions had quickly gone from irregular to down to every 3 minutes lasting 60 seconds and it was getting difficult to concentrate during them. 

I was admitted dilated to a 6 around 2:00 p.m. and three hours later Camden was born at 5:11 p.m.! 

8 lbs 13 oz. 
(as soon as he came out everyone said, "wow! what a big baby!" He looked small to Robert and I, but I guess we aren't used to seeing newborns everyday. )
19 1/2 in.

I thought he looked a lot like Julia at birth. Later, he looked a little like Micah. Now he just looks like Camden.