Sunday, May 20, 2007

We Made It!

We have finally made it to L.A. and so far everything has gone very smoothly. On Friday we packed everything up in Provo. The only hitch there was that the gate to the service road in front of our apartment was not open like I had requested, so I had to make a few phone calls and go down to the housing office to get the key and open the gate myself. We were able to pack in like an hour and a half. Robert's parents, my dad, Robert's cousin Josh, and our neighbor Jake all showed up to help us move.

Robert's dad is a pro at the move thing, so we put him in charge of organizing the truck. I was a little apprehensive to see if we would fit everything in the truck, but we only filled it 3/4 full. In fact, we ended up taking things that we were originally going to leave behind, like the kitchen table. After we packed the truck we spent the afternoon cleaning and then I went to pick up Robert from the airport. I was very happy to see him after being apart for two weeks.

We originally planned on leaving at 4:00 a.m. so we could get to our new apartment by 4:00 p.m. to sign the lease. We slept in until 5:30 though and didn't end up getting going until 6:00 (Utah time). It was a long drive, but we only stopped for gas and ended up making the trip in about ten hours. In fact, at the first gas station I went in to use the rest room while Robert got gas. Then at the next gas station he told me that I had to fill up and he would go use the restroom. It doesn't work that way for me though! I have to use the restroom at every stop to prevent another bathroom stop somewhere down the road.

We made it to Mar Vista by 3:15, which gave Robert time to shower and clean up a little before we went over to sign the lease. Forty-five minutes after getting to the apartment we called Steve and Wendy over to help us move. We had ward members (Craig and Julie) Robert's cousin Daniel, and Steven and Wendy to help us out this time. We did it in hour. Now we just have an apartment full of boxes!

I was really happy that we could move into an apartment. We kind of had a close call with that one. We had just found an apartment we liked and found out on Thursday that we got the apartment. If not, we would have had to move into a storage place!

Now we have a lot to do this week. Well, I have a lot to do this week. Robert is going to go to work like normal. I am going to do all the moving stuff. I am glad that I don't have a job right now because it would just never get done. I told Robert I feel like his personal assistant because he just tells me, "I need deoterant and shoe laces from the store, and my suit needs to be dry cleaned." and I go and do it for him. I guess we make a good team.