Friday, March 30, 2012

Julia Sings to Micah

Julia loves her little brother, sometimes a little too much. Here she is singing to him:

She has done really well with the transition from only child to big sister, but she has had her moments. The first came soon after we arrived home from the hospital at 10:00 pm and Julia wanted me to come put her to bed, but I was nursing Micah. She got a really sad look on her face and her eyes welled up with tears when she realized i couldn't come put her to bed. There have been many other similar times, but I still think she's handling it pretty well considering she used to get 100 % of my attention and now it is way less than half since Micah takes so much time.

Most of the credit probably goes to her Aunt Ellen for keeping her entertained while I'm busy with Micah or sleeping. Kevin and Ellen left today and we are sure going to miss them! Who else is going to do this with Julia at the park?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Week

Happy one week birthday Micah! It's hard to believe it was only one week ago that Micah was born. It seems like he's been a part of our family for much longer than that.

It's also hard to believe that only one week ago I was pregnant and sitting in the hospital. The recovery from this birth has been a lot faster than with Julia and besides the lack of sleep I almost feel normal again. Part of it is a faster physical recovery. I was up walking around a couple hours after Micah was born, but with Julia I don't think I got out of bed until sometime the next day.

Part of it is psychological. Micah eats really well and I've had no problems nursing him, so there is no frustration there. I also just know what to expect (like I got almost no sleep in the first 48 hours and was okay because I was expecting not to get much sleep) and know better what to do. Whenever I get a feeling of "oh no, my life is never going to be the same again" I know that it's mostly the hormones and the feeling will pass. I also know in a few months things will settle down again and I should just enjoy having an innocent little newborn because that stage goes by so quickly.

Here's our handsome little man.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A few more photos of Micah

Many of you have been asking for some more photos.

First, here is a photo of Julia seeing Micah for the first time. She was more interested in all of the other items in the room but she briefly climbed up on the chair to see him.

Next, Julia holding Micah in the hospital when he was one day old.

Seeing Julia for the first time was enough to put Micah back to sleep. Unfortunately, he has been sleeping more during the day then at night.

Finally, here is Julia giving Micah a kiss on his forehead. She likes to give him kisses and hugs and does not seem interested in letting him sleep all day.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Our little Micah is here! He was born last night at 7:20 pm and was 7 lbs (never thought he would be so small since Julia was 7 lbs 10 oz and was early and Micah was late and a second child) and 21 inches long. Micah and I got a lot of bonding time last night since Robert sleeps through anything and is impossible to wake up in the night. It's shift change for Mom and Dad now though, I'm going to bed and Robert gets to bond with Micah during the day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

I know a lot of people are wondering when we are going to have this baby. We are too. We're hoping in the next couple of days as the braxton hicks contractions have stepped it up a notch in the past 24 hours, but if he doesn't come on his own by next Wednesday I'll be induced on the 28th. I'm feeling fine, just ready to hold a baby in my arms instead of in my belly.

I didn't really expect to see the cherry blossoms this year because I figured I would be in the hospital and have a newborn but...still no baby. So yesterday as we were taking a walk we realized it would be a perfect day to go see the cherry blossoms by the tidal basin.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Julia sings "We are Young"

Yes, another Julia post. I know what you're thinking, "these guys need another kid so they don't post so much about this one poor kid." Believe me, we're working on that (by taking long walks to get this baby out!)

Since Kevin moved in everyday either Robert or Kevin have been singing the song "We are Young" by fun. (On a tangent, I love fun. because we loved The Format. It was one of the only cd's we brought with us on our honeymoon and listening to them always reminds me of our honeymoon. But they broke up a few years ago! Happily, the lead singer recently started the band fun. and it sounds a lot like them.) One day at the dinner table Julia randomly burst out singing the song and we all had a laugh.

Here is the original song.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

US Navy Museum

On Saturday we finally did a little sight seeing with Kevin and Ellen and checked someplace off our list of places to see in DC that none of us had been to yet. We went to the US Navy Museum at the Navy Yard in DC. Since we did have a two year old with us we went through it pretty quickly and mostly looked at all the big stuff so Julia wouldn't get bored.

And it worked. Julia had a great time looking at all the large boat models and guns.
No princess pose in this one because she hadn't realized I was taking a picture of her yet.
After we saw the museum we toured the USS Barry, which is a Navy ship which was decommissioned in the 80's and is now a permanent tour boat docked in the Navy Yard for the public to tour.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Princess Smile

Recently Julia's favorite pose for pictures has been what she calls the "Princess Smile." And when I say favorite I mean it's either the princess smile or a grimace or blank stare, we get nothing in between. So while it's pretty cute I'm hoping for a little bit if variety again sometime soon for our pictures. Take a look: