Friday, March 30, 2012

Julia Sings to Micah

Julia loves her little brother, sometimes a little too much. Here she is singing to him:

She has done really well with the transition from only child to big sister, but she has had her moments. The first came soon after we arrived home from the hospital at 10:00 pm and Julia wanted me to come put her to bed, but I was nursing Micah. She got a really sad look on her face and her eyes welled up with tears when she realized i couldn't come put her to bed. There have been many other similar times, but I still think she's handling it pretty well considering she used to get 100 % of my attention and now it is way less than half since Micah takes so much time.

Most of the credit probably goes to her Aunt Ellen for keeping her entertained while I'm busy with Micah or sleeping. Kevin and Ellen left today and we are sure going to miss them! Who else is going to do this with Julia at the park?

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