Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Julia sings "We are Young"

Yes, another Julia post. I know what you're thinking, "these guys need another kid so they don't post so much about this one poor kid." Believe me, we're working on that (by taking long walks to get this baby out!)

Since Kevin moved in everyday either Robert or Kevin have been singing the song "We are Young" by fun. (On a tangent, I love fun. because we loved The Format. It was one of the only cd's we brought with us on our honeymoon and listening to them always reminds me of our honeymoon. But they broke up a few years ago! Happily, the lead singer recently started the band fun. and it sounds a lot like them.) One day at the dinner table Julia randomly burst out singing the song and we all had a laugh.

Here is the original song.

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