Sunday, March 29, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Micah!

For Micah's third birthday we all went to ride the Heber Creeper, a historic train in the Heber Valley. That morning Micah got to open a present. It was his own train engineer outfit and train whistle.

Showing the kids how the whistle works.

Micah was pretty excited to be up close to a real train!

Grandma and Grandpa Wheat were able to come.

The engineer and the conductor.

Grandma and Grandpa Sandberg came too. Grandma Sandberg got all the kids a toy locomotive.

Julia wanted to get up and use the restroom right away. When we got into the bathroom she was disappointed there was no hole at the bottom of the toilet where she could see the train tracks going by. We had read a book a few months ago about old steam trains going west, and apparently that fact was what stood out to Julia the most. She was disappointed she couldn't whiz on the tracks...

Halfway through the ride some bandits jumped on board and demanded to know where the money box was.

This old bandit went around asking the kids about the money box and giving them chocolate gold coins.

Micah was mesmerized.

Cutest little engineer.

I brought a bunch of train books for them to read in case they got bored. But between going up to the concession car (the train went pretty slow, it was easy to walk around), hanging out the window watching the view, and the on board entertainment they were pretty content.

Robert and Micah checking out the concession car.

Fist bump.

When it was time to turn around and head back to the station the conductor had unhitch the locomotive and drive it on a set set of tracks down to the back of the train so we could go the opposite direction. Here he walks back up to the front of the train.

"Fixing" the locomotive.

He looks so content.

Afterwards we went out to eat at Dairy Keen, a train themed fast food restaurant in Heber.

We tried to blow out candles on cupcakes, but it was too windy, so we sang to him and pretended to blow out candles. 

Back home we lighted candles and sang to him again.

And the next morning we sang again on his banana chocolate chip pancake, because it's just fun to sing Happy Birthday and it was his actual birthday.

He got one more present that morning. He has been asking for a digger to go along with his dump truck.

 He got it! Micah with his digger, note Camden in the background with the dump truck.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Christmas 2013

Yes, that's right. Tonight I am ignoring the pile of laundry and sticky floors and getting around to posting pictures from Christmas two years ago. It was our last Christmas in Claremont. The next day we drove to San Francisco to go to a BYU football game and then drove to Sacramento to visit Robert's Grandma and Aunt Debbie's family. On the drive back from that trip is when Robert got his new job offer and we decided to move to Utah. So once we got home we went straight into packing mode and I never got around the blogging, and then we packed up the computer and I couldn't get to the pictures.

We decided to stay in Claremont and have Christmas on our own for the first time. Now I am glad we did because it was the only and last Christmas we had in our Claremont house. The night before we acted out the Nativity.

 Then Julia slept upstairs in our room on a mattress on the floor because she was afraid she would wake up when Santa came and be scared. And we were afraid she would wake up when Santa came...

Morning time with little Micah and little bitty Camden.

 Coming down the stairs.

Julia got her guitar, and an arm chair full of other gifts.

 Micah got a train set and that Dodgers hat in the background that he loves.

Two weeks later all those toys were packed up and we didn't see them again for almost nine months. It was like Christmas all over again when we finally unpacked since they didn't really remember what they had gotten.

We also visited the Los Angeles Temple with Steve and Wendy's family. We miss our L.A. relatives and will miss palm trees covered in Christmas lights and jacket wearing weather for Christmas.

 One of their last pictures in our Claremont house.