Wednesday, March 04, 2015


We finally had another bit of snow. If it had come during the night we might have hardly have noticed it since the snow started melting as soon as it stopped. But most of it came during mid-morning, right as the kids were out trying to play in the dusting from the night.

After Julia got home from school we went out and played in the snow. 

Camden was so excited to finally get to go outside in the snow, until we had to walk in the snow. He just wanted me to walk with him for while, then he finally started warming up to it.

 All day it was snow in one area and sunshine in another.

 Micah just wanted to eat the snow. (Camden and Micah do look like twins while they are wearing similar clothes)

Julia soon realized this snow as perfect snow for making a snowman.

She had one made in no time.

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