Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Canyonlands National Park- Island in the Sky Region

The second day we were at Canyonlands we went to the northern end of the park to The Island in the Sky area of the park. It is called that because it is on a large mesa 1,000 feet above the surrounding areas. The view is pretty cool...

Mesa Arch

This is probably the most famous spot in Canyonlands NP. It is an arch that sits on the edge of the sheer cliff edge of the mesa. Right behind those rocks behind Julia is a sheer dropoff.

Grandma, there is a cliff right behind you.

Yeah, lets get that baby away from there. I carried Micah the entire time we were nearby the arch because I didn't trust him to stay away from the edge.
The view

On the hike back Micah suddenly realized it was nicer having me carrying him around than walking, so he refused to walk back. This time it was his turn for a grandpa ride.

Camden on the other hand walked the entire way back, very slowly.

Upheaval Dome

Upheaval Dome is a large crater in the middle of the park. Geologists are not certain what caused it, but the theories are meteorite impact or a slow-moving salt dome where all the salt has eroded away. My question is, how feasible is it that all the salt that was once there is now gone. Not even a trace left? On the other hand, that would have been a pretty big meteorite and should have disrupted the ecosystem in the area. Don't we have other geological evidence from the affects of the impact? So I still don't know which I believe.

While the adults hiked the short distance uphill to the crater my mom stayed and played in the sandbox with the kids ;). They didn't even realize we were gone.

We went home the same day. Micah turned his hat backwards in the car. As he was sitting there sipping his Capri Sun and eating his Fritos it occurred to me that he looked a lot like Robert...as a teenager.

Teenage Micah and Toothless Julia.

My mom fed Camden Lucky Charms to keep him happy on the ride. He would eat the marshmallows, and then refuse the rest of the cereal. All kids do this, no matter what age.

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