Friday, September 30, 2016

Labor Day at the Ranch

We spent Labor Day this year at the Ranch and got to sleep in the newly renovated "bunk house"

It was a little cold and mostly too windy for little Lincoln so he spent most of the time in the bunk house

 The other kids ran free playing at the Ranch

 Work Projects that weekend were putting insulation in the second room of the bunk house

And installing a new front gate. That's Robert up in the front loader bucket putting in the cross bar

 Now others are up there welding it together
 Good morning! Micah fell the night before chasing chickens and I didn't get a good look at him until that morning. I wondered what had happened to him in the night! (Then he told me about the chickens)
 New gate
 Old wood gate

 Micah got to get into the cab of the front loader. He was sooo happy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

First Day of School

Julia started 2nd grade this year.

 This was from Back to School Night the night before school started.

Morning of, a little nervous, but feeling confident with friends she knows in her class this year.

"Though she be little, she is fierce" Shakespeare. Julia got that as her back to school literary shirt this year, I thought it was fitting for her. She also got a kids version  A Midsummer's Night Dream in book form, which is where the quote is from. She read it in two days and loved it, she thought it was funny and she liked the fairies in it. She probably knows the story better than I do now.

Micah and Camden also started school. Micah in preschool 3 days a week, Camden in the 2 year old class 2 days a week. Same place, different classes. They really didn't know what to expect.

 Micah trying to look happy
 I'm going to preschool!?

I think they look adorable in their uniforms.

Lincoln didn't get to go to school, but he did get a back to school literary shirt and (board) book like the others did. Le Petit Prince.

Camden got Harry the Dirty Dog and Micah got Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel, which I couldn't find a picture of him wearing, but he loves it. They did also get the books and we read them over and over again the first week.