Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wheeler Farm Pumpkin Patch

This October I took Micah and Camden to Wheeler Farm to see the animals and saw that they had a "Pumpkin Days" option with a pumpkin patch, hay maze, and tractor ride. So we came back another day after Julia was out of school.

Checking out the rabbits.

The hay maze was a good size for the kids, not too but large enough for us to get lost and have to double back once.

Next up the tractor ride. We sat right at front so the boys could watch the tractor.

 We stopped to see the animals

Not sure what was going on here

Finally, on to the pumpkin patch last since I had to carry all the pumpkins to the car myself. Camden did not get the concept of gentle when it came to the pumpkins. He would pick up a pumpkin, decide he didn't like it and drop it like a hot potato.

This was supposed to be the picture with all the pumpkins they chose, but I think they all abandoned these pumpkins and chose other ones anyway. In the end I chose for Camden because he kept switching  every minute,

The only one who willingly poses for me. I like how Micah is literally rolling in the pumpkins in the background.

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