Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Halloween morning my Dad, two brothers, and I ran a half-marathon down Provo Canyon. This was my second half marathon and a lot easier course than the last one-mostly all downhill. Training for this one was also easier this time around.  I beat my last time by 18 minutes, dressed as Tinkerbell!

My Dad came in a few minutes before me.

Julia told me at the end I look just like Tinkerbell

I think it was the Tinkerbell shoes

We had a busy Saturday that day, After we finished at the half marathon we came home and got ready for Julia's last soccer game of the season.

Then it was home for dinner and trick or treating! Julia and her friend started out with Micah and Camden, but pretty soon the boys just couldn't keep up with them and we split up into two groups. We all ended up at home at the same time, but with the girls having covered more distance and bringing in more candy.

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