Wednesday, November 11, 2015


This fall Robert was the coach for Julia's soccer team. We had five little girls in the neighborhood that wanted to all play on the same team, and when more than four players request to play together you also have to provide a coach. So Robert was nice enough to say yes when I asked him if he would do it.

Both Robert and Julia have a love/hate relationship with soccer. Robert loves that he got to spend time with Julia and I think he also enjoyed teaching the girls about soccer. He didn't like that his Saturdays were always reserved for soccer. Julia loves playing with her friends, playing as team, and getting treats after the game. She doesn't like getting shoved around and having to run until she is tired. 

This was the first season the players had to play positions in the game (as opposed to all the players just chasing after the ball) and having a goalie. So the coach actually had to help the players during the game to know where they needed to be. (Julia is #6)

Julia's not fast (she's always one of the shortest one out there) and she doesn't have great ball handling skills yet, but at least she's not afraid of the ball.

They played their last game on Halloween and she got to play with face paint from the half-marathon after party earlier that morning.

Go Blue Fire! (The girls chose their team name. It was a funny conversation. Half of the girls wanted really girly things like mermaids or fairies, the other half wanted something fierce. Blue Fire sounded good to both sides.)

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