Saturday, November 21, 2015

Four Twins

Julia  decided she wanted to enter the Reflection's contest this year. A couple weeks before the deadline for the contestants I asked her what she wanted to do that would go with this year's theme, "Let Your Imagination Fly." She said she wanted to write a "chapter book" about fairies, "because you have to use your imagination to think about fairies and fairies can fly." 

I figured she would be able to write a small story, but the first day she sat down and started writing she surprised me by writing a full page and showed no sign of wrapping up any time soon. She worked on her story almost everyday for two weeks. 

On the night before the the deadline Julia sat at the kitchen table writing and writing to finish her story. When it started getting late I told her to start wrapping up the story. But Julia knew what she wanted to happen in the story and could not cut it short. She finally finished at midnight! But not before she told me that she was disappointed it wasn't long enough to be a chapter book. I told her she could make this the first chapter of her book.

This week they had the awards ceremony at her school and she was one of the two winners in the literature category! Everyone who participated got called up to get a certificate of participation. They called Julia last in her category as a winner, even though she didn't realize it until they handed her the trophy on stage. Here she is being surprised by her trophy.

With her principal.

She has been carrying that trophy around all weekend, she is very proud of it. And as hard as she worked on her story she should be!

Her 7 page story is below (I typed it up and added some punctuation so it would be easier for the judges to read and she submitted both her original handwritten story and the typed version- which was completely within the contest rules for her age group. They are more interested in content than spelling and punctuation) You can click on the top right hand corner and it will open in a new page that is easier to read.

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