Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had Christmas pancakes for breakfast.

In the afternoon we went to my parents house to see my family. I try to get the boys to pose with their new minion hats. I have a friend that made them.

The weather cooperated beautifully this year. We had a warmer than usual fall and hadn't had any significant snowfall by Christmas Eve. But that night a storm blew in in the middle of the night and left us six inches or so of snow. Just enough to have a legitimately white Christmas and for us to be able to go play out in the snow. We attempted to make a snowman but the snow was very soft and powdery and didn't hold together very well. So we made a little Olaf to go with Julia's Elsa hat. 

Micah kept eating the snow, it was no wonder he got cold so fast and wanted to go inside.

Robert got Julia and Micah their own snow shovels and they were both soo excited to use them. But the snow of Christmas week has been the only snow far this winter, and it's almost February now.

Santa brought the kids a swing set for Christmas. One of Julia's items on her wishlist for a new house was that it had a swing set. One of mine was that it had space in the yard for a swing set, which this house has. Santa's helpers spent most of the day on Christmas Eve setting it up while the kids and I were at my parent's house, and by the time we got home from the Ramiro Christmas party it was dark and the kids went straight to bed. They were excited to see it (covered in snow) on Christmas morning. We went out and played it a few times that week. Even when it was snowing they all still wanted to swing.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Camden's Claim to Fame: Our First Trip to the ER

We made it five and a half years as parents before this day, but yesterday our good luck streak ended, we had to take a child to the ER. It's no surprise it was Camden because that kid never holds still, is always into something, and is always trying to imitate his older siblings. As you can see though, he was happy through most of, so it wasn't too traumatizing for everyone involved.

Yesterday afternoon we had just finished lunch and were getting ready to leave to take Julia to afternoon kindergarten. I stopped to go to the bathroom before we left, and while I was in there I heard Camden start to cry. Not his ubiquitous Micah-just-stole-my-toy cry either. This was definitely an I'm-in-extreme-pain cry.

So I bolted out of the bathroom, pulling up my pants as I went, and ran over to Micah's room where I heard the commotion coming from. I saw Camden, screaming with pain, trying to stand by pulling himself up on the rocking chair. But he was obviously hurting and was too frenzied to stand on his own, so he fell back down and was writhing in pain on the floor by the time I got to him. Micah and Julia were both in there too watching him. I picked him up to try to comfort him and assess what happened.

"Camden fell down," Micah said. "He fell down from the boxes."

The picture below shows the boxes Micah was talking about that we were keeping in the the closet in Micah's room. I don't know exactly where Camden fell from, but I'm guessing it was probably the top of the highest box because the kids love to go into the closet and climb on them. Of course Camden wanted to be like his older siblings and climb them too.

The next part was the really scary part. Seconds after I picked up Camden, as he was still screaming his eyes suddenly rolled up and he went limp. I was shocked and immediately thought the worse. I knelt down on the floor, laid him down and ran into the other room to grab my phone to call an ambulance. But in the five seconds I was gone he regained consciousness on his own and was on his hands and knees about to stand up when I got back. That was such a relief to see!

I still didn't know if he was hurt worse than just a bump on the head though. He whimpered for a minute and then stopped and just wanted to snuggle with me. So I told Micah and Julia we were going to take Camden to see the doctor (planning on going to an Urgent Care). As we were leaving I decided to drop Julia off at school on the way, and while were at her school I had a thought that I should probably just call the pediatrician and see where they thought I should take him. The nurse there told me that since he lost consciousness I needed to take him to the ER, and since he was so young I should take him to Primary Children's Hospital.

So that's how Camden, Micah, and I ended up spending our afternoon in the ER waiting room at Primary Children's hospital. It was pretty busy (from the looks of it- a few kids with broken bones, a few sick kids, a few kids needing stitches on their face- for future reference those Mom's said their pediatrician said if a child needed stitches on their face Primary Children's was the best place to take them, and a few indistinguishable emergencies)

To top it all off, I've been trying to potty train Micah. I probably should have just put a diaper on him for this, but I just threw on a pair of plastic underwear over his normal underwear before we left the house. After about an hour and half in the ER waiting room he told me "the pee is coming."

We hurried over to the bathroom and I held him over the "big potty" in there for a while, but nothing happened. We hurried back to the waiting room. Ten minutes later he said the same thing. More hurrying up to wait on the potty, nothing, more hurrying up to wait in the waiting room. Then we got called back and while we were in the back room waiting for doctors and nurses Micah had me take him to the potty three more times and still nothing. He didn't end up going pee until we got back to our house around 6:00 pm. The amazing thing was he made it, his underwear was till dry. Potty training is a whole other saga for another day- er post.

The nice thing about waiting so long to see the doctor was by the time we saw someone and they asked how Camden had been acting since he fell I had three hours worth of observation to tell the doctor that he was acting perfectly normal. Camden checked out fine physically too, so there was no need for a CT scan.

They did say the loss of consciousness could have been from either the fall or from lack of oxygen because he was crying so hard, either were likely. But since he was behaving normally and didn't vomit at all, we walked away with orders to keep an eye on him for abnormal behavior-- and with a diagnosis and instructions for treatment of eczema for a weird rash I had noticed on Camden's belly and back a couple days ago and pointed out to the ER doctor while we were there. And also a giant goose egg on Camden's forehead. (Side note, apparently the forehead is the best place to hit for a head injury, it leads to serious injury much less often than impact on other parts of the head)

We did have a nice view of the valley from way up on the foothills, and a good view of the U of U's "U" on the mountain. Micah wanted me to point out to him where the train was because he is obsessed with trains and trucks. I sadly saw no trains.

We were at the hospital so long I had to call Robert to go pick up Julia from school and take her back
to work with him. She was only there half an hour and was disappointed she couldn't stay longer. She only had time to fit in a snack and drawing on the whiteboard time.

Camden's hospital admitting band, on his ankle.

 I let him play with it when I cut it off him. You can see the big bump on his right forehead.

Potty training and an ER visit have made for an eventful mothering week. And a tiring mothering week.  I ran into this verse while reading this week and had the thought that while this is most often referred to as a verse for missionary work, it is the perfect scripture for parents. 
D&C 64:33 Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.
I'm thankful to be able to be raising all three of my children even if it is difficult sometimes, and I'm thankful that tonight they are all tucked safely in their beds.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Now back to our regular posts of cute kiddos.

On Christmas Eve 2014 we went to the Ramiro family Christmas party in Magna. They had dinner, a pinata...

Julia didn't even want to hit the pinata. Micah did but he was totally nonchalant about it. Someone needs to teach him how to put some muscle into it!

They had plenty of energy to snatch up the candy however.

...Games. My brothers taught Julia how to play Connect 4 while we were in France so she wanted to play.  Aunt Holly was happy to play with her.


Camden was walking around, then saw something that made him excited enough to run to.
It was Aunt Reah!

Then we had a special visitor, Santa Clause! Camden was okay to look at him.

But you could tell he was a little wary. I think he still remembered his encounter with Santa at the ward party.

Yup, he cried as soon as I let go of him. Not even a present was going to cheer him up.

"Who is this guy?"

Micah was willing to deal with Santa to get a present. He ended up getting a truck, and when Julia saw that he got what he wanted for Christmas she was willing to go up to Santa get her present.

She was expecting to get roller skates because that's what she asked for Christmas. She got Dora the Explorer body wash. It was a giant let down and she ended up sobbing from disappointment.

Camden could care less about the drama. Look, a ball!

Then we went back to our house (my first time back since we got back from France) to open our Christmas pajamas. Micah and Camden opened theirs first.

Months ago Julia saw an Elsa nightgown at the store and begged me to get it for her. I told her we could buy it, but she was going to have to wait for Christmas to get it. AND, she had to act surprised. So she helped me wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. What she didn't know is that one day while she was gone Camden got a hold of her present and tore it open, so I had to re-wrap. I decided to be sneaky and put it in a box so she wouldn't recognize it.

I handed her the box with the nightgown on Christmas Eve and she thought she was going to get to open a bonus present. This picture was taken just as she got a peek at what was inside the box.

She immediately stopped and ran over to me and whispered in my ear, "I don't know how to act surprised!" I guess it caught her off guard. So she went back and did a pretty good job of acting surprised. Later I told Robert that she had actually known what it was, and he had no idea. The funny thing is Robert knew what it was too and Julia didn't know he knew. She he knew and she didn't know he knew, and she knew and he didn't know she knew.

She absolutely loves it.