Saturday, April 25, 2015


Julia's school did a Jog-A-Thon fundraiser last week. The kindergartners did way better than I expected them to. I figured they would all run for five minutes and walk for the other 15 minutes, but they actually did a good job of walk/running the whole time. Julia ran 11 laps (but accidentally got marked for 12)!


Camden was afraid of the school mascot bear, Cosmo. He almost cried when he came close to us.

Tax Day 2015

April 15, 2015 was a good day for us, it was Tax Day so it was the day Robert gets (a little) less busy at work. It was also the snowiest day of the year. Actually, we had more snow that one day than in the entire months of January, February, and March combined (because we had next to nothing all winter).

One week later:

Camden is 18 mo.!

On April 6 Camden officially turned 18 months, which is an exciting age for Mormon parents because that means he no longer goes to classes with the adults during church on Sunday, but gets to go to Nursery with all the other 18 mo.- 3 year olds! I teach the nine year olds in Primary during that time, so Robert actually has been taking Camden to class with him so it was more exciting for Robert than for me with this child. But it is fun to see him growing up.

Micah is still in Nursery until the end of the year too, so the Nursery leaders are getting a double dose of Wheat boys this year. This was the only picture at church I could manage before my phone died. Typical Micah and Camden though, Micah is picking his nose and Camden is not holding still.

So I had Robert take some more pictures of the little man after church. Of course, he did not sit still for any of  them.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cousin Visit

We had our Texas cousins (David and Jen family) visit the week of conference! We had so much fun with them while they were in Utah.

We got to meet out newest nephew Cameron who was born in December.

Between conference sessions on Saturday we all went to Lone Star Taqueria in Salt Lake. The kids all wanted to ride together in our car. Every time we went under an overpass the kids would all yell that we were going under a bridge. Robert said he didn't think he could handle having five kids. And I said..."huh, did you say something?" Mom's just learn to tune it out, especially in the car! Driving the kids around in the car is my most relaxing time of the day, they are all strapped in and can't get into any trouble.

Waiting for lunch to come out.

Yes, they were pretty crazy.

It was also Easter that weekend so we dyed eggs.

 Watching conference in the basement and eating snacks.

The cousins waiting for their dinner.

And celebrating Grandpa Wheat's birthday with ice cream sundaes.

Later that week we went to Hogle Zoo.

Micah was excited to ride the train at the zoo. Nate is sitting next to him, but he turned.

Wednesday we had a super rainy day so we went to Scheels and rode the Ferris Wheel. Micah and Nate were just barely tall enough to ride, poor short Wheat boys.

Julia waves on the Ferris Wheel.

Then that night Robert got tickets to a Jazz game for six people from work, so we took the oldest two cousins and sent the younger kids to their respective grandparent's homes for babysitting. We rode the Trax since it passes right by our house and goes directly to the basketball arena. The kids were super excited for that.

Julia proved to be a great cheerleader. Everyone around us turned and looked at her at the beginning of the game because she was so vocal with her cheers. Hopefully it added to their experience and wasn't annoying.

We all got Jazz blankets which came in handy while waiting for the Trax.

 The kids pretended to sleep on the train on the way home.

 The cousins going crazy with playdough.

Keeping busy in our backyard on their last day here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt with the Cousins

While the cousins were here we had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. 

Camden did not want to wait and Julia was trying her best to keep him inside. Camden loves being outside and runs outside whenever he sees the door open.

All the kids waiting for the hunt to begin. We also invited Julia's little friend and neighbor to join us.

Getting started.

Micah came upon this nest of Easter eggs, picked up one egg, and kept going leaving the rest behind.

Tyler definitely got the most eggs, but that was okay since we had plenty of eggs (and he said he was going to share with his little brother). After the hunt Julia started to go through hers and discovered ants had gotten into some of her eggs! I think it was just the ones hidden in the grass by the backdoor, where the picnic table is and ants like to gather.