Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt with the Cousins

While the cousins were here we had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard. 

Camden did not want to wait and Julia was trying her best to keep him inside. Camden loves being outside and runs outside whenever he sees the door open.

All the kids waiting for the hunt to begin. We also invited Julia's little friend and neighbor to join us.

Getting started.

Micah came upon this nest of Easter eggs, picked up one egg, and kept going leaving the rest behind.

Tyler definitely got the most eggs, but that was okay since we had plenty of eggs (and he said he was going to share with his little brother). After the hunt Julia started to go through hers and discovered ants had gotten into some of her eggs! I think it was just the ones hidden in the grass by the backdoor, where the picnic table is and ants like to gather.

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