Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Fall Soccer 2016

This season we had both Julia and Micah in soccer. This was Julia's fourth season playing, and Robert's second season coaching her team (he isn't able to coach in the spring because April 15, Tax Day!). 

This was Micah's first season of soccer and he loved it, but he wasn't the most attentive player. He mostly likes soccer because he is super friendly and he loves being with the other kids. Which means he also gets distracted really easily by the other kids.

He loves to take a break on the ground in the middle of the game.

Getting distracted

Super excited to get his end of season medal

Julia has shown so much improvement since she started soccer. She used to be in it for the socializing as well and liked the practices more than games because there was more socializing. And she probably does still like practices better for that reason, but she also has shown she has Robert's competitive side in her. She has found her calling as a defender and she does not let that ball get past her even when she is up against girls almost twice her size (defense also means less running up and down the field, which she likes ;) )

Handsome coach

This is when she was out and watching the other girls play. They had just let the ball get by and she
was upset because she knew she would have gotten the ball. She gets all nervous and upset when she has to sit out now because she thinks the other team is going to score on them while she is out, and she is usually right.

Some they all looked lined up with Julia in the lead, a second later they were more scattered, but I thought it was funny that little Julia was the one taking the lead.

Up against girls twice her size and still getting the ball away from them.

This kick really upset Julia. It was almost the end of her last game and she was trying to do a power kick, but either the ball didn't go far enough or she missed the ball completely and she had to try it again like five times. You could tell she was getting more and more frustrated and embarrassed with each kick, and by the time the game was over a few minutes later she was in tears and declared she was never playing soccer again. We'll see.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Second Grade Cutie

Plus some random picture taking with Aunt Reah

 Julia at school field trip with her best friend
 And showing her Chinese work

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Getting into the Fall Spirit

FYI, most of this video made it into the Halloween video as well

This October we made it back to Wheeler Farm for Pumpkin Days. We went over UEA weekend while Robert was out elk hunting, so it was just the kids and I.

We got honey sticks and went on a tractor ride.

Walked around the farm. Poor third child Camden. He really did have reason to cry, the other two wouldn't let him have a turn at the wheel.

Went through a hay maze.

And chose our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

The next day we went to the Aquarium with my brother Richard. They were also all decked out for Halloween and even had skeleton divers in the shark tank.

You can see Camden in the background with Richard trying to coax him onto the rope bridge. He never did end up going across.
He played on the frog instead while his siblings went across over and over again.

Football season has started. Julia went to a late game with Robert and they rushed the field afterwards. Micah has also has gotten to go to a game and Camden is up next to go.

From a while ago, but I thought I'd put this somewhere, celebrating Aunt Debbie's birthday

Just brothers being cute.