Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Julia's Summer Dance Recital

The theme for the recital was From the Page to the Stage so all the dances from each class dealt with a book (some were more of a stretch than others). Julia's class performed a tap dance called "Into the Woods" about Little Red Riding Hood.  Julia did a great job and worked really hard to learn all the steps.


You can tell she was getting a little frustrated with the rest of her class at about 1:25 because they were suppose to move apart, but she was suppose to stay in the same spot, and they were not moving. I guess stage etiquette is something they only learn during performances and eventually get.

For the finale the whole company came out and did a final dance about reading books.

 Julia says she spotted us in the crowd.

 This was her first time seeing the auditorium not from the stage and she was too busy looking around to want to take pictures.

Afterwards we celebrated by getting italian ice and custard at Rita's! Rita's is a favorite East Coast summer treat and we have one right by our house in Utah, but this was the first time we had gotten out to visit it since we moved.