Monday, October 27, 2008


Robert and I gave talks on Sunday. Now the entire ward knows I'm pregnant when before only one person did. I thought that was good timing.

I also declared my talk a success after one minute when I introduced myself as Melarie and my husband as Robert, instead of introducing myself as Robert and my husband Melarie like I did during one the last talks I gave. I thought relating that would get some laughs (it did) but afterwards everyone kept referring to me as Robert or making some joke about it. Uh, huh, what did I set myself up for?

On the plus side, four people brought up our talks during comments in Sunday School, so they were actually listening and got something out of it!

I've been really absent minded recently, or maybe I always have been but now I can admit it because I have a good excuse. I now:
-Write case notes for the wrong client in my client files.
-Instead of writing today's date I will often put down some random date, like 8/23/08. Then I wonder, what was I thinking?
- Walk out of the bathroom with my zipper UNDONE. This one is very often and very embarrassing, but I'm usually the only one to notice (I hope).

Nine months can seem like a very long time to wait for something when you are thinking of it all the time (and I don't mean labor and delivery)

I'm almost 16 weeks and I still weigh slightly less than my pre-pregnancy weight. And yet, I have obviously gained a lot of mass around the belly. How can that be? My theory is I am losing muscle from all those lethargic evenings sick on the couch, and baby+baby junk must weigh less than muscle. says my baby is as big as an apple! (No, Robert, that doesn't mean he's as fat as an apple, just as long as an apple. Our baby is not a fat ball.)

My mom sent me a package with Stephens Hot Apple Cider. Yum! I had a craving and went to the store looking for something similar and couldn't find anything here, so I asked my mom to send some from Utah.

One day a week is not enough time to properly maintain a house. We need more Saturdays.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Baby, why don't we go down to Home Depot?" (sung to the tune of "Kokomo")

Yesterday I actually went somewhere besides work and home! I almost felt normal so I joined Robert on a trip to Home Depot. We drove down to the Home Depot in Chino where they were having a moving sale (the store is moving) and are trying to get rid of all their inventory. It was awesome because everything was on sale! Our major buys were some nice patio furniture and a weed whacker.

Wahoo, now we can sit outside. Except after Robert set up the patio furniture and we had dinner outside he brought everything inside and into our empty middle room. He said we can't leave it outside with no covers on. So today we ate lunch in our middle room, on our patio furniture, and I kind of looked outside and imaged we were out there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Update Post

Now for some updates. Our baby is due April 14th, so I am 13 weeks and 5 days (according to my little sidebar ticker). I have been feeling sick for the past month, so I am really looking forward to this second trimester. I mostly have my appetite back, now I'm just waiting for the nausea to go away. (Note to Nausea: Hint, hint, any day now, really I'm ready). I think I have vomited more in the past month than I have in my entire life- sorry if you didn't want to hear that. I think what surprised me most about morning sickness, which for me is more like evening sickness, is the nausea. I always thought of morning sickness as being more like being regular sick, like with a cold or something. But of course, duh, morning sickness makes you nauseous! So I was surprised that my morning sickness has been more like being car sick, everyday. Well, enough about that, I feel like I'm starting to whine.

Robert has been really good about it all. He has been in charge of making dinner during the weekdays (when he's home) which has been really nice. This week happens to be one of the busiest weeks of the year for him, so I haven't seen him much. After Oct. 15 he should be around a lot more. Work on the house has pretty much stopped until I get my energy back and Robert isn't so busy at work anymore. And..that's pretty much it. Over and out.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Images of Spring

I love the Fall and the upcoming holiday season, but I also love Spring. Now that the weather is getting cooler here are some images to remind everyone of Spring.

Wait a minute! How did that Mini-Wheats picture get in there? I guess I was thinking of next spring when Robert and I will have our very own "mini Wheat!" We are having a baby around April 14th! Yeah for spring and (Wheat) babies!