Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekend in Park City

For my birthday weekend we went up to a relative's cabin above Park City for the weekend and met up with Lauren and Jess on Friday and most of Saturday, and then after they left we were joined by Robert's parents on Sunday.

These pictures are all chronologically backwards so....we'll go with it. ;)

Sunday night we all went out on the back porch to watch the sunset before we left to go back home. We decided it would be a good time to take some pictures of the kids with their grandparents...

...and a family picture of all of us.

Julia poses as the sun was setting with her cat, Snowbell (but recently known as Snowella).

Sunday was spent hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma Wheat. Here's some hanging out going on, on the front porch this time. It rained that day and was nice and cool, a welcome change from the heat back in the valley.

Grandma and Julia made me a birthday cake. Mom (Grandma Wheat) asked earlier what kind of cake I wanted and Julia overheard and said, "Strawberry!" But really I wanted chocolate, so I said, "Strawberry with chocolate?"

So they made a chocolate cake topped with strawberries.

It was delicious. I LOVE fruit with chocolate. Julia helped me out with blowing out the candles.

Saturday evening (we are going backwards, remember) we hung out outside a little outside with the kids.
 Julia did not want me to take her picture, so she was pouting and closing her eyes. The swing was all overgrown when we got there, but Robert took some clippers and chopped down all the branches so the kids could swing. They loved it, and I have to say, you would have a hard time finding a swing with a better view (see my Friday night sunset picture below)

Micah really loved going for a "walk," which was just walking up the driveway to the main dirt road and playing the bushes. He plopped down under this tree and said, "this Micah house." He is getting good at pretend play, he was saying under that little tree was his house. I let Camden play in the the dirt too.

Me with my Cam-man.

No picture, but also on Saturday Jess and Lauren volunteered to watch the kids for us while we went off and did something for an hour. Robert and I chose to go for an easy run. Except, we went down hill that became so steep we had to stop and walk, and then we had to go back up the hill (on another road) that was so steep we just walked. So it was more of a run/hike.

Friday night we had s'mores. Lauren brought a s'more recipe book that gave me the idea of adding strawberries to the s'mores. Remember I like fruit and chocolate? And for the s'mores I brought dark chocolate, so I had a dark chocolate strawberry s'more. Best s'more ever!

 Sunset on Friday night. Gorgeous view.

These two are from Lauren, everyone taking their sunset pictures.

and Lauren and Julia talking about words that start with certain letters.

Camden knows how to go up stairs, he is very quick at it. I remember when we came with Julia the first time to the cabin, she was about a month younger and didn't know how to climb stairs, but she loved this green pole. Camden went over to it for a minute, and then tried to go up the stairs.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Julia's Preschool Graduation

This is very late, but back on May 22 Julia had her preschool graduation. After we moved to Saratoga Springs she started going to a preschool called Alphabet Corner Preschool, which is held at the teachers house just around the corner from my parent's home. She loved preschool and fit right in with all the kids. In fact, even her name fit right in. We were able to enroll her because a kid that used to be in the preschool moved out the week before we moved in. The teacher said that all the cubbies and stuff go in alphabetical order by the child's first name, and she said Julia was just the perfect fit because the boy that moved had a name that started with a J also. 

The preschool graduation was so adorable. They preformed many of the songs that they learned throughout the school year. The above picture was a song about cowboys. The two below were my two favorites. You can even hear Julia singing very loudly. She sang all the songs for me many times in the weeks leading up to the graduation, so I know she had them all memorized!

I got goosebumps with this one, it was pretty cute and moving. In it they stop singing and say what they like about America, Julia says "I like the trees."  They also say what they want to be when they grow up. Julia says, "I want to be an engineer!" That was a nice surprise to hear. (She has a book where the little girl wants to be an engineer, Rosie Revere, Engineer.)

Getting their diplomas, Julia was having cap problems, her hat was trying to blow off.

Sitting with her class.
Graduation is over.

The graduate.

Julia with her teacher, Ms. Lori, and her friend Camilla.

Eating some celebratory cake.

Now she's on to Kindergarten next month!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ramiro Family Reunion- Idaho

  The other full day we were at the Ramiro Reunion we stayed closer to Island Park and went to the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls about 30 minutes away, and then went to Johnny Sacks cabin in Island Park.

Julia finally lets me take her picture. It wasn't anywhere very scenic, in fact it was in a parking lot right next to the outhouse, but I'll take it.

 Hanging out back at the cabin, Micah and Camden try to take over my aunt's jogging stroller.

My grandpa, aunt Magdalena and brother Chris hanging out on the porch.

 My mom with some of her sisters and her dad at Upper Mesa Falls.

It was a beautiful, large, waterfall.

After seeing the waterfall we had some lunch...

...and then headed over to the Lower Mesa Falls overlook. This was much farther away from the falls than the last one, too bad because they looked beautiful but tiny from so far away.

Then we went to the picturesque Johnny Sacks cabin in Island Park. Johnny Sack was a German cabinet maker who expertly built this little cabin in the 1930's. Now the cabin is open for tours and maintained by a nonprofit.

Our last evening at the cabin.

Micah was playing out in the field and came back and ran up to me with a big bouquet of wild flowers he had picked saying, "flowers!"

They looked beautiful, he did a good job. 

And then Julia and Micah went out to play in the wildflower field, at sunset.

It. Was. Gorgeous.

Meanwhile the cousins were playing other game of volleyball. Is kicking legal in volleyball? Because our family sure likes to kick the volleyball.

Julia's glamour shot ;)

And if you would still like to see more pictures you can view some on this Google+ story, or view ALL the pictures in the online album .