Saturday, July 05, 2014

Sandberg Family Reunion- Marshmallow War!

Another thing we made at the reunion were marshmallow blowers out of PVC pipe so we could have a giant marshmallow fight. When we were getting set up Robert was going to be the only one from the Philippines competing, so he made me go and recruit more members of our team so they could play as a team.

The Philippines team getting ready.

We decided the space next to the pavilion was too small for the fight, so we all headed down to the east pasture.

Everyone was given a small bag of mini marshmallows to shot. The rules were when you got hit you were out, last man standing wins. Everyone got together with their teams and fight began. This was about halfway through the first fight, panoramic courtesy of Google auto-awesome.

The people who were out already.

Near the end of the fight

After the fight. Chris, from team Philippines, won the first fight by taking out two little girls from the Dutch team. :)

Then they decided to go again. This time to start out they they split into two sides, like a true war.

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