Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sandberg Family Reunion- Hula Hoop Competition

I have to admit that although I did compete in this competition, I only lasted about five seconds and then I lost so I went inside to help Reah with her dessert for dinner that night (Coconut Rice). So I really don't know who won, but I do know that the winners were amazing and could probably go on hula hooping forever.

 On the way down already

I'm not sure, but I'm guessing Kelly didn't win either.

 Dylan definitely beat me.

 So did Chelsea. Look at that concentration. Actually, she made it look easy.

 These two were going on forever. I wish I could tell you who won, or how they actually came up with a winner because when I left it didn't seem like there could be just one winner...

Update: I have the results! Per Kelly: Chelsie was first, Callie second, and Dylan and Brietta tired for third. They started asking them to do specific tricks while they hula hooped.
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