Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sandberg Family Reunion- Regatta Races

One of our Olympic Events was a rain gutter regatta race using boats we built out of duct tape and popsicle sticks. The boats were fun to design and build, but once we got them in the water most of us realized we know very little about boat design because most of them immediately sank, or tipped over, over didn't fit in the rain gutter... My own boat was pretty water tight, but it leaned to the left and the sail, which I had stuck on the front, was in the wrong spot making my boat lean forward as well. After some tweaking, some of the boats were deemed water ready, while some of us opted to throw in the metaphorical towel. I tweaked mine a little, but decided I didn't have enough time to fix it as much as it needed so I never did race my boat.

Later that afternoon whoever wanted to race their boats raced in pairs outside the pavilion in two rain gutters.

This is one of the later races, but it's my only auto-awesome. These two will both ultimately come in the top three.

Before the races began Conner tests out his boat. A lot of the little kid has fun "testing" out boats before we started, including Micah.

Some of the first racers.

Brietta's boat was taking on water, but we played that you could pick your boat up and dump the water out to finish the race. Robert was actually not even racing his own boat. Michael built this boat and took time to make sure it could compete, but then left to go hike Mossy Cave before the competition began. Team Philippines couldn't let a good boat go unused though.

Some of our youngest racers.

The crowd waiting anxiously at the finish line.

A few more racers who made it past the first round.

I like the water splashing up. Cayden was working hard!

This was down to the last four. The winner here races for the gold. The Netherlands won... The Philippines was forced to compete against each other for bronze. Chris beat out Robert/Michael and won a bronze for The Philippines.

The gold medal race. The Netherlands won, Micronesia got the silver!

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