Friday, July 04, 2014

Sandberg Reunion- Three Legged Race

Robert and I had high hopes for the three legged race. After all, we did just run a half marathon together. Our legs weren't tied together, but we went the same pace the entire way and spent countless hours training together. So we thought we could do well in a 50 meter dash together.

There were three rounds so it didn't get too crowded for the runners. Julia and Dani were excited to race together in the first round. We handed off the camera to Haydee so we could get ready and told her take pictures of Julia racing, or crying. Julia is notorious for crying when she doesn't win.  Sure enough, only a few steps in their race Dani lost a shoe and they both went down. You can see Julia reaching up and crying for me from the ground after they fell. Adrianna and Brietta look like they are doing good though.

Here we are getting ready for our round, with Julia clinging to me and still crying because they fell and didn't get to finish.

We ended up winning that round.
The last round running...
...and falling.

We ran two other rounds, taking the top two from each race to get to a final. On the final race Robert and I were doing well when we felt our tie come loose. It had frayed in half at one of the seams. So we ended up not even placing because we couldn't finish the final race :(

Congrats to the winners! Sweden, Fiji, and USA.

P.S. Thanks Haydee for taking the pictures!

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