Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ramiro Family Reunion- Idaho

  The other full day we were at the Ramiro Reunion we stayed closer to Island Park and went to the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls about 30 minutes away, and then went to Johnny Sacks cabin in Island Park.

Julia finally lets me take her picture. It wasn't anywhere very scenic, in fact it was in a parking lot right next to the outhouse, but I'll take it.

 Hanging out back at the cabin, Micah and Camden try to take over my aunt's jogging stroller.

My grandpa, aunt Magdalena and brother Chris hanging out on the porch.

 My mom with some of her sisters and her dad at Upper Mesa Falls.

It was a beautiful, large, waterfall.

After seeing the waterfall we had some lunch...

...and then headed over to the Lower Mesa Falls overlook. This was much farther away from the falls than the last one, too bad because they looked beautiful but tiny from so far away.

Then we went to the picturesque Johnny Sacks cabin in Island Park. Johnny Sack was a German cabinet maker who expertly built this little cabin in the 1930's. Now the cabin is open for tours and maintained by a nonprofit.

Our last evening at the cabin.

Micah was playing out in the field and came back and ran up to me with a big bouquet of wild flowers he had picked saying, "flowers!"

They looked beautiful, he did a good job. 

And then Julia and Micah went out to play in the wildflower field, at sunset.

It. Was. Gorgeous.

Meanwhile the cousins were playing other game of volleyball. Is kicking legal in volleyball? Because our family sure likes to kick the volleyball.

Julia's glamour shot ;)

And if you would still like to see more pictures you can view some on this Google+ story, or view ALL the pictures in the online album .
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