Sunday, November 13, 2016

Second Grade Cutie

Plus some random picture taking with Aunt Reah

 Julia at school field trip with her best friend
 And showing her Chinese work

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Getting into the Fall Spirit

FYI, most of this video made it into the Halloween video as well

This October we made it back to Wheeler Farm for Pumpkin Days. We went over UEA weekend while Robert was out elk hunting, so it was just the kids and I.

We got honey sticks and went on a tractor ride.

Walked around the farm. Poor third child Camden. He really did have reason to cry, the other two wouldn't let him have a turn at the wheel.

Went through a hay maze.

And chose our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

The next day we went to the Aquarium with my brother Richard. They were also all decked out for Halloween and even had skeleton divers in the shark tank.

You can see Camden in the background with Richard trying to coax him onto the rope bridge. He never did end up going across.
He played on the frog instead while his siblings went across over and over again.

Football season has started. Julia went to a late game with Robert and they rushed the field afterwards. Micah has also has gotten to go to a game and Camden is up next to go.

From a while ago, but I thought I'd put this somewhere, celebrating Aunt Debbie's birthday

Just brothers being cute.


 All our kids are really into Jake and the Neverland Pirates right now. They will ask me if they can watch "a Jake" and because I am busy taking care of a baby they usually do get to watch a couple episodes a day on Netflix. Sometimes I try to get them to watch something else, but they won't have it (except Camden who now likes Go Diego Go a lot as well). Anyway, so near the end of September on one of the many times they were watching "Jake" it occurred to me that that would be a perfect theme for their Halloween costumes since it's one girl, two boys, and I think Micah and Camden even look like Jake and Cubby. And they all thought it was a great idea!

I "made" their costumes, meaning I bought clothes that look like their clothes (or found stuff that we already owned) and modified them in some cases. Mostly no sew except some buttons and Cubby's felt patch. Just cutting, gluing, and even some taping- the yellow border on Jake's vest is yellow duct tape ;) .

 Some of the things we did for Halloween weekend:

We went to a Halloween party that a real estate agent in our ward put on with her team. Camden came home and immediately lined up all his candy to check out his goods. Oh boy, that was just the beginning of the candy deluge.

Micah is just a sweet, happy boy, who loves cotton candy.

Camden was scared to ride in the train car so Dad got to ride on the back of the locomotive and hold him. Camden is a crazy three year old, but he always surprises me by how cautious he is.

 We also went to a Halloween carnival at Micah's gymnastics. Games, snacks, decorating cookies, but our kids mostly liked just running around the gym and bouncing around.

We carved our pumpkins with my family the night before Halloween.

Camden did not like the slimy texture of the pumpkin guts, but he was as willing scooper.

Micah and Julia did their own, then drew on their faces and Robert cut it out with his power tools. So much easier that way!

I went to Micah and Camden's preschool for their Halloween party. Lincoln dressed up too. We had originally thought of making him the parrot from Jake and TNP, but i decided not to put that much effort into a costume we probably wouldn't wear all that much. So we went with the cute, traditional first Halloween Winnie-the-Pooh

Micah and Camden both performed a dance to Thriller with their own classes. After a couple seconds of not dancing Micah started dancing along. Conversely, after a couple seconds of not dancing Camden shook his head and ran off the stage to me.

 He looks like he's dancing, but he's actually just really excited to see Lincoln.

Trick or Treating at Dad's work

Trick or Treating around the neighborhood

 All our Winnie the Poohs