Thursday, January 28, 2010

It was 65 degrees today

This is what I did this afternoon: (pile of weeds)

And here is a close up of what Julia did this afternoon:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

San Diego and Woody's Homecoming

*I've updated this post with a few new pictures since it was first published*

This weekend was a busy one for us. On Saturday afternoon we went down to San Diego to visit my cousin Katrina and her family. They just had a new baby last Saturday so it was so fun to be able to meet little Seth (little meaning newborn, he was actually a pretty big baby weighing in at 9 lbs 12 oz) . Newborns are so precious, there is just something about their peaceful innocence that makes me want to have that again in our house. Ha ha, until I remember what it was really like to have a newborn keeping me up all night. BTW, if I were to get pregnant now Julia would be the same age as Ali is now when the baby is born. Hmm, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Here's me and Julia with Seth and Ali.
Then we headed over to San Diego State University for a little of this:
BYU basketball was playing SDSU. We met up at the game with Robert's freshman roommate Taylor, who was in town for a conference, and one of Robert's accounting friends from BYU, Daniel Reeves, who now lives in Escondido. It was a really exciting game and it was good seeing some old friends. Both teams kept trading off who was in the lead, but in the end the Cougars prevailed with a 71-69 win. Go Cougars!Today after we went to our church we headed out to West L.A. to see Robert's cousin Woody, who returned home on Friday from his mission in Antofagasta, Chile. He spoke in church today and did really well with the little time he had. He let us know that area is so dry and desolate (it is the Atacama Desert) that NASA regularly tests probes there for practice on being on Mars. So essentially we are to infer from this that Woody has just returned from Mars.

Afterwards we met back up at the Wheat's house for some lunch and chitchat. Julia was introduced to Kevin J. Fluffernutter, the newest addition to the Wheat family. The Wheat's share custody of him with Amanda's family (Daniel's girlfriend. And if you don't know who Daniel is, just don't worry about it.)

At first, Julia wasn't really interested. "So what, Mom," she told me, "It's just another stuffed animal." Then he started hopping around and scampering down the hall. Now she was really interested. I have never seen her crawl as fast as she did going up and down the hallway trying to catch that poor bunny. She really liked to pull on his ears, and I tried my best not to let her manhandle him too much. Here she is with Kevin:
In all the commotion I completely forgot to take a picture of Woody and actually had Robert go back to the house after we had left to snap a picture. After all, we were there to welcome home Woody! Unfortunately, by then Woody had already taken off to a friends house. What a missed bloggertunity! Luckily, Wendy e-mailed me a picture from today to post! Here's Woody with the Stake President.
And that's it from us. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

All about Julia-9 Months

Julia had her 9 month well-baby checkup today, so here's her update.

Weight: 20 lbs 10 oz (75 percentile)
Height: 27 3/4 in.(50 percentile)
Head Circ.: 17 1/2 in.(60 percentile)

Favorite Food: Still Sweet Potatoes, but she really enjoys all the "dinner" baby foods like beef and mixed vegetables, chicken and rice etc.

Favorite Toy: Cell phones, wires, paper, remotes

Favorite Activity: Making messes. Like her mother, she is also fond of books, but Julia prefers to pull them all off the shelf rather than read them. In fact, that is what she is doing right now :

And if it keeps her entertained and buys me a little blogging time, I'll allow it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chris and Reah Wedding Montage

I also made a montage of Chris and Reah's wedding. It's got a lot of the same footage from the clips below,but a little more edited and with some more highlights.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Congratulations Chris and Reah!

One of the last things we did before we came back from Utah was go to my brother Chris's wedding. It was a lot of fun, but I think this is the most work I have ever done at a wedding, and yet I wasn't really in charge of doing anything. I spent a lot of time video taping and helping out with the food and program. Robert spent a lot of time in charge of the webcast. Luckily Robert's parents came, so I just handed Julia off to them and tried to stay out of her sight.

This was truly a unique wedding. Reah is from the Philippines and none of her family could come, so we webcasted the whole ceremony and reception to her family and friends. For dinner they had some Chinese food, some Mexican food, Puerto Rican rice, and a Filipino dish. Then they also had the traditional Mexican reception with the Sea Serpent, Death March, Dollar Dance, etc. Here are some highlights:

Watch for Julia to join the line.

Why did Reah have to throw the bouquet twice? Watch to find out.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

When You Just Can't Decide...Yogurtland

Last night Steve and Wendy came out to visit us and we decided to go out for Coldstone. We drove up to The Village (downtown Claremont) where our closest Coldstone is, only to find that it had closed! Robert was super disappointed but we noticed there is now a Yogurtland in The Villlage, so Steve immediately made a beeline for Yogurtland. This was my first time there and I discovered it's perfect for me because I can never decide on what to get and would love to have a little bit of everything. At Yogurtland they have soft serve frozen yogurt and toppings, and you serve yourself. At the cash register they weigh your cup and charge you per ounce. The beauty of it is you don't have to decide on just one kind of frozen yogurt or just one topping, you can get a little bit of everything! I had Strawberry, Dutch Chocolate, and NY Cheesecake frozen yogurt, and topped it with brownie bites, bananas, pineapples, and strawberries. Awesome!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Changes in Julia

Pictures are from Christmas morning, I just needed some pictures for this post and I thought these were pretty cute.
Since we got home from Utah on Monday I feel like I have a whole new baby from when we left three weeks ago. It's just so amazing how fast Julia changes. I guess having all these changes happen while we were on vacation just makes them a little more pronounced since I'm not used to the new her here at home. Some of the changes that happened while we were on vacation:
Moving around while standing up- It's not enough just to climb up on things anymore, now she's trying to move around and moving from object to object. She's also so fearless when it comes to climbing up on things. It has made for quite a few bumps on the head and means she always has a bruise somewhere. And yet she still keeps going. I just hope there's no permanent damage from all those bumps!
Momitis- Julia caught two illnesses while we were on vacation, her first real cold, and the ever dreaded Momitis. The cold is pretty much gone now, she's just left with a little congestion, her lousy cough is all but gone. Yeah! But seemingly overnight she developed a bad case of Momitis, as my aunts like to call it. As long as I am in the room she won't let anyone hold her, and whenever I try to leave the room she screams in protest. Once she is with someone else for a little while she's fine...until she seems me again. Then she screams for me again. I spent most of our vacation hiding from Julia so everyone else could enjoy her too.Picky Eater- Maybe its because she was sick, but Julia went from eating everything we could throw at her to eating only Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans, and she absolutely refused to eat fruit. And this is Robert's child. Weird, huh? She did eat some other things today (rice cereal mixed with prune juice, turkey and vegetable dinner) so maybe she'll come out of this stage soon.I can't believe she is almost nine months. That's only three months away from being a year old!