Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Changes in Julia

Pictures are from Christmas morning, I just needed some pictures for this post and I thought these were pretty cute.
Since we got home from Utah on Monday I feel like I have a whole new baby from when we left three weeks ago. It's just so amazing how fast Julia changes. I guess having all these changes happen while we were on vacation just makes them a little more pronounced since I'm not used to the new her here at home. Some of the changes that happened while we were on vacation:
Moving around while standing up- It's not enough just to climb up on things anymore, now she's trying to move around and moving from object to object. She's also so fearless when it comes to climbing up on things. It has made for quite a few bumps on the head and means she always has a bruise somewhere. And yet she still keeps going. I just hope there's no permanent damage from all those bumps!
Momitis- Julia caught two illnesses while we were on vacation, her first real cold, and the ever dreaded Momitis. The cold is pretty much gone now, she's just left with a little congestion, her lousy cough is all but gone. Yeah! But seemingly overnight she developed a bad case of Momitis, as my aunts like to call it. As long as I am in the room she won't let anyone hold her, and whenever I try to leave the room she screams in protest. Once she is with someone else for a little while she's fine...until she seems me again. Then she screams for me again. I spent most of our vacation hiding from Julia so everyone else could enjoy her too.Picky Eater- Maybe its because she was sick, but Julia went from eating everything we could throw at her to eating only Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans, and she absolutely refused to eat fruit. And this is Robert's child. Weird, huh? She did eat some other things today (rice cereal mixed with prune juice, turkey and vegetable dinner) so maybe she'll come out of this stage soon.I can't believe she is almost nine months. That's only three months away from being a year old!
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