Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best... Christmas... Ever

That's what Robert said on Christmas this year as we were snowmobiling back to the cabin we were staying at after an afternoon of sledding on a remote hill near Park City .

We had a ton of fun last week with Robert's family. His mom's cousin owns a cabin in the mountains around Park City and graciously let us stay there this year for Christmas. We were there for a week and and loved having all of Robert's siblings there with us. We had so much fun snowmobiling (this is Robert and my younger brothers Richard and Michael, who were there for an afternoon. My favorite quote of the week was by Robert's younger brother Kevin, who served his mission in the Philippines. When he found out my brother's Filipina fiancee was coming up for the afternoon he said "What?! a Filipina is coming here? She's going to think this is HELL because Filipinos think hell is frozen over."), snow shoeing (Bro. Kevin and his wife Ellen, Robert),
sledding (the pic above is the finish line to our awesome sledding hill, we're waiting for the next 'athlete' to come sledding down the hill. We had the Wheat Family Olympics. David and Jen won the sledding event. Sis Lauren, Sis-in-Law Ellen and Sis-in-Law Jen), playing games with family, playing with the cute babies and eating lots of good food (thanks Mom).

The cabin is high enough that the roads up there get snowed in, so we had to snowmobile in to get to it. Even the babies had to get strapped to their parents and take the 20 minute ride up on the snowmobiles. Julia rode up last Monday (she was content to just look around) and didn't leave the cabin until this past Monday when she rode back out (and fell asleep two minute after we left).

Also check out Melarie vs. Mom in the forty yard snow shoe dash. It's harder than it looks.

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