Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Early Christmas

We had a very Christmasy weekend. On Saturday we went to the ward Christmas party and Julia told Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She was her usual social self and relished the attention she got when she was on Santa's lap. No criers here!

Since we'll be celebrating Christmas in Utah this year we decided to have our own early Christmas on Sunday and open up our presents under our tree here. Robert's comment was, "It's not nearly as fun when you know what everything is." Yeah, but it's still fun to finally get to use what you bought yourself for Christmas =).
It's also fun to teach Julia how to open presents.All ready to learn to walk! Julia also quite enjoyed rolling around in Mom and Dad's new fluffy comforter. Who could resist this face?We finished off the weekend by going to a Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long at a friends house in Claremont. Now we are all ready for the holidays to go to Utah and see our families!
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