Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Julia!

For Julia's birthday we went to Lagoon on Saturday and then had a cake for her the next day at home. She got an American Girl doll which she named Kit Kitty, and Grandma Wheat made her doll a matching dress.

 Lagoon on Saturday. I had given Julia the option of going someplace fun like we did for Micah's birthday or having a party with friends. She asked of we could go to Lagoon and I said yes, so she chose Lagoon over a party with friends.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Our Kids are Weird

Our kids fall asleep in weird places:

Julia likes to make her bed in her room someplace not in her bed. This was in an Amazon box. Lately she's been putting down blankets in her closet and sleeping in the closet. Whatever, fine by me as long as she sleeps.

Camden usually stays in his toddler bed when I put him to bed, but this night he was extra wiggly and decided to wander around his room until he finally fell asleep on the rocking chair mid-book.

Poor Micah, I had been busy trying to get everyone ready for bed and he had run off to play downstairs. By the time I was able to go and get him ready for bed he had already wiped out at the bottom of the stairs. I had to double check at first that he was indeed sleeping and hadn't unbeknownst to me fallen down the stairs or something.

 I wonder where they get it from?

 Julia also has some interesting reading positions. She is still a crazy reader.

Some things our 2.5 yr old Camden has told me recently:

  • Having a conversation with Camden. He is still looking at me but I can tell he is getting distracted. Then out of the blue he interrupts, "Look at your eyebrows! Look at your pretty eyebrows!" What a Casanova.
  • I ran my list of potential boy names past Micah and Camden tonight. They shot down all my names! When I asked them what they wanted to name the baby Micah said Percy or Henry because they are green (both trains from Thomas the Train) and Camden said Greg.
  • Me to Camden: You're going to be the big brother! Camden to Me: And you're the big Mommy!
  • He also likes to smell my arm and tell me, "Your arm is stinky!" Like, on a daily basis. Like, this is how he likes to greet me first thing in the morning.

The boys have fun dressing up and just looked cute dressed up as a policeman and train engineer. They each asked me to take their pictures, on separate days.

Julia's teacher won teacher of the year at their school and the principal invited the parents to come and surprise her with the announcement. Julia was super excited for our surprise visit, and all the kids were really excited for the award.