Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sandberg Reunion 2016

The Sandberg Reunion, in backwards order! Starting with Sunday afternoon family pictures.

I forgot exactly how many people, but it was about 97? By Sunday afternoon some had already left but this is the majority of the people there. My Dad's siblings and all their kids and families.

My Dad is one of 10 siblings. Both of my grandparents have passed away and we miss them every year.

Micah had fun rolling down the hill and playing in the dirt with his buddy Heber, they are only a month apart.

Talent Show Saturday night
Dinner on Saturday night. The dutch oven dinner is really a site to behold. Every family is suppose to make a dessert or a main dish, and we get a feast of great food out of it. This year Robert and I made ravioli because we figured it would be different from everyone else's, and it was!

Saturday morning we had a 5k run. My Dad and Robert in the lead on the way back. Camden was the only one of my kids awake that early, so he and I went out for a walk to follow the runners and then walk back in when they started coming in. It was weird for me not to be running this year.

Riding their horses on the way out. Uncle Don said this year it was a horse race and gave everyone a stick to ride out on. Robert said he was going to ride that way the whole way....

Dave getting an early start with the dogs, or the dogs getting an early start with Dave?

Camden waits with me to see the runners take off.

The two sleeping kids. It's always exhausting playing at the Ranch all day.

Robert got up early on Saturday and went for a hike to the top of the hill with a view of the main part of the Ranch.

Friday night hot dog roast.

Just lots of chatting and getting reacquainted

I see lots of love in this picture

Camden didn't remember the Ranch from last year, so it was like it was brand new to him. He loved it. A couple weeks later my parents went back down and offered to take one of the kids and Camden jumped at the chance to go back. He didn't care at all that I was not going to be there.

Micah in the Dodger hat and Italian soccer clothes.

Friday before the hot dog roast Robert wanted to go up to a lake above the Ranch to check it out as a possible place to bring his Scouts next year. He also brought all his guns and targets to target practice.

I had to stay far away because it was too loud. I stuck around a little closer at first and the baby would jump at each shot, so I backed off and didn't shoot at all.

The lake, beneath volcanic scree.

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