Sunday, July 24, 2016


Coming on here to post about Lincoln I didn't realize how far behind I was with blogging about our year. We have been busy, apparently too busy to blog! I have made quite a few Youtube videos though so I will try to post those all here.

Julia and Micah both did gymnastics for about half a year. I signed up Micah because he was going crazy at home in the middle of winter, and then Julia wanted to to it too. Micah loved it, Julia took a while to warm up to it (she wanted to quite but I made her see it through to the end of the session), but in the end she really loved it too and was sad when it ended. She is a perfectionist and had a hard time with not being able to do everything just right, I wanted her to see that if she kept trying she would get better.

Micah is a very active little boy and gymnastics was right up his ally. I worried at first that he would be shy and not want to go in, but he never had any problem and just enjoyed having fun.

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