Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Julia's Preschool Graduation

This is very late, but back on May 22 Julia had her preschool graduation. After we moved to Saratoga Springs she started going to a preschool called Alphabet Corner Preschool, which is held at the teachers house just around the corner from my parent's home. She loved preschool and fit right in with all the kids. In fact, even her name fit right in. We were able to enroll her because a kid that used to be in the preschool moved out the week before we moved in. The teacher said that all the cubbies and stuff go in alphabetical order by the child's first name, and she said Julia was just the perfect fit because the boy that moved had a name that started with a J also. 

The preschool graduation was so adorable. They preformed many of the songs that they learned throughout the school year. The above picture was a song about cowboys. The two below were my two favorites. You can even hear Julia singing very loudly. She sang all the songs for me many times in the weeks leading up to the graduation, so I know she had them all memorized!

I got goosebumps with this one, it was pretty cute and moving. In it they stop singing and say what they like about America, Julia says "I like the trees."  They also say what they want to be when they grow up. Julia says, "I want to be an engineer!" That was a nice surprise to hear. (She has a book where the little girl wants to be an engineer, Rosie Revere, Engineer.)

Getting their diplomas, Julia was having cap problems, her hat was trying to blow off.

Sitting with her class.
Graduation is over.

The graduate.

Julia with her teacher, Ms. Lori, and her friend Camilla.

Eating some celebratory cake.

Now she's on to Kindergarten next month!

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