Monday, July 14, 2014

Ramiro Family Reunion- Yellowstone

Now onto another family reunion. My mom's family, the Ramiro's, decided that this year for the first time ever they wanted to rent a cabin somewhere and do a family reunion. They decided to rent a cabin in Island Park, ID where some of the family had gone before. A lot of the Ramiro's had never been to Yellowstone, and the cabin was close enough to drive to Yellowstone for a day to see some of the sites.

The most important part of Yellowstone is to see Old Faithful, right? So on our one day in Yellowstone we made sure everyone saw Old Faithful by going there first. Julia did not want her picture taken at all during this trip, so here is her hand with Old Faithful in the background as we wait. I am pretty impressed with how well they can tell when it is going off, it is suppose to go off within a 20 minute window, and it went off four minutes after they predicted it.

 There it goes!

And then the wind shifted and we got misted! Poor Camden didn't know what was going on and why he was suddenly getting wet.

Micah and Julia trying to keep out of the sun. Micah loves wearing his hat, he loves to accessorize in general. The other two always take their hats off, but Micah's cool like that.

My cousin Corey. Nobody wanted to stand still long enough to take a good picture with Old Faithful going off in the background.

Afterwards we walked around the geyser area behind Old Faithful.

We saw another geyser going off in the distance. It goes off every 10 hours to five days. Too far for us to walk clear out there though.

 Another area of the park. The steam made it feel like a really hot humid day.

 These colors were amazing.

Julia still not looking at the camera.

Grandma Sandberg is Camden's new favorite person. Whenever she gets home he immediately crawls over to her to get her to pick him up.

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