Saturday, April 25, 2015

Camden is 18 mo.!

On April 6 Camden officially turned 18 months, which is an exciting age for Mormon parents because that means he no longer goes to classes with the adults during church on Sunday, but gets to go to Nursery with all the other 18 mo.- 3 year olds! I teach the nine year olds in Primary during that time, so Robert actually has been taking Camden to class with him so it was more exciting for Robert than for me with this child. But it is fun to see him growing up.

Micah is still in Nursery until the end of the year too, so the Nursery leaders are getting a double dose of Wheat boys this year. This was the only picture at church I could manage before my phone died. Typical Micah and Camden though, Micah is picking his nose and Camden is not holding still.

So I had Robert take some more pictures of the little man after church. Of course, he did not sit still for any of  them.

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