Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had Christmas pancakes for breakfast.

In the afternoon we went to my parents house to see my family. I try to get the boys to pose with their new minion hats. I have a friend that made them.

The weather cooperated beautifully this year. We had a warmer than usual fall and hadn't had any significant snowfall by Christmas Eve. But that night a storm blew in in the middle of the night and left us six inches or so of snow. Just enough to have a legitimately white Christmas and for us to be able to go play out in the snow. We attempted to make a snowman but the snow was very soft and powdery and didn't hold together very well. So we made a little Olaf to go with Julia's Elsa hat. 

Micah kept eating the snow, it was no wonder he got cold so fast and wanted to go inside.

Robert got Julia and Micah their own snow shovels and they were both soo excited to use them. But the snow of Christmas week has been the only snow far this winter, and it's almost February now.

Santa brought the kids a swing set for Christmas. One of Julia's items on her wishlist for a new house was that it had a swing set. One of mine was that it had space in the yard for a swing set, which this house has. Santa's helpers spent most of the day on Christmas Eve setting it up while the kids and I were at my parent's house, and by the time we got home from the Ramiro Christmas party it was dark and the kids went straight to bed. They were excited to see it (covered in snow) on Christmas morning. We went out and played it a few times that week. Even when it was snowing they all still wanted to swing.

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