Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Now back to our regular posts of cute kiddos.

On Christmas Eve 2014 we went to the Ramiro family Christmas party in Magna. They had dinner, a pinata...

Julia didn't even want to hit the pinata. Micah did but he was totally nonchalant about it. Someone needs to teach him how to put some muscle into it!

They had plenty of energy to snatch up the candy however.

...Games. My brothers taught Julia how to play Connect 4 while we were in France so she wanted to play.  Aunt Holly was happy to play with her.


Camden was walking around, then saw something that made him excited enough to run to.
It was Aunt Reah!

Then we had a special visitor, Santa Clause! Camden was okay to look at him.

But you could tell he was a little wary. I think he still remembered his encounter with Santa at the ward party.

Yup, he cried as soon as I let go of him. Not even a present was going to cheer him up.

"Who is this guy?"

Micah was willing to deal with Santa to get a present. He ended up getting a truck, and when Julia saw that he got what he wanted for Christmas she was willing to go up to Santa get her present.

She was expecting to get roller skates because that's what she asked for Christmas. She got Dora the Explorer body wash. It was a giant let down and she ended up sobbing from disappointment.

Camden could care less about the drama. Look, a ball!

Then we went back to our house (my first time back since we got back from France) to open our Christmas pajamas. Micah and Camden opened theirs first.

Months ago Julia saw an Elsa nightgown at the store and begged me to get it for her. I told her we could buy it, but she was going to have to wait for Christmas to get it. AND, she had to act surprised. So she helped me wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. What she didn't know is that one day while she was gone Camden got a hold of her present and tore it open, so I had to re-wrap. I decided to be sneaky and put it in a box so she wouldn't recognize it.

I handed her the box with the nightgown on Christmas Eve and she thought she was going to get to open a bonus present. This picture was taken just as she got a peek at what was inside the box.

She immediately stopped and ran over to me and whispered in my ear, "I don't know how to act surprised!" I guess it caught her off guard. So she went back and did a pretty good job of acting surprised. Later I told Robert that she had actually known what it was, and he had no idea. The funny thing is Robert knew what it was too and Julia didn't know he knew. She he knew and she didn't know he knew, and she knew and he didn't know she knew.

She absolutely loves it.

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