Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween Preview Prt. 2

Sorry for the long drawn out Halloween posts but apparently Halloween is more of a season than a one day event. 

The day before Halloween, Friday, we went to Julia's school and saw her in the outdoor school parade.

After we picked Julia up from school we went to Robert's work to go trick or treating.  

Helping themselves at an office where the person had stepped out.

Every time Camden got a sucker he would hold onto it and try to eat it. Eventually he got one open. After we were done at Robert's work I let them eat a bunch of candy on our way home in the car. That made them just a liiiitle bit crazy...all the way until the middle of the night! More about that later.

We found some of the kid's best friends whose dad also happens to work with Robert and they got to trick or treat together for a while.

Later that evening we went to my parent's church in Saratoga Springs for their ward Halloween Chili Cook Off and Trunk or Treating. My Mom won a prize for best soup- potato soup (from a mix ;) )

That night we stayed at my parent's house because I was running a half marathon the next morning with my Dad and brothers. At 2:00 am Camden woke up and didn't want to sleep in his port a crib anymore. I brought him to sleep with me and soon realized that the problem was he didn't want to sleep at all. He kept jumping on me and yelling "Trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat!" or "I want to see your belly button!"

Soon he woke up Micah too and they both were having a hay day running around in the basement while we tried to sleep. Robert finally got up with them and took them upstairs to watch a movie so I could sleep. At one point Camden came downstairs and woke me up with his shirt half off and said, "I want to take my shirt off!" I wasn't about to argue. I helped him take his shirt off and he laid down and snuggled with me and went to back to sleep. When I woke up at 5:30 am to get ready for my run Micah was still upstairs watching TV with a half sleeping Robert. Robert said Micah fell asleep a little after we left for the run.
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