Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hiking with the Kids: White Pine Lake Trail

We took another hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon, on the White Pine Lake Trail. We've been there before, but this time we managed to make it a little farther.

First we stopped to eat lunch. The kids thought climbing up a hill and eating snuggled by a tree would the perfect spot. 

Getting started hiking up the trail.

The only vibrant fall color this year was yellow, most of the reds and oranges were very muted in the mountains.

Camden was in the hiking backpack when I took the picture above and he was upset he didn't get a picture taken either. So I took a selfie of us and it made him happy.

I tried to take a picture of all three once Camden got out of the backpack. But now he was out and he wasn't going to hold still.

 The yellow was pretty with the mountains.

A weeping rock. Someone put a little angel statue underneath,

Boys on a log.

Julia was on the side and told me, "Tell me when you are going to take the picture." So I did, and she ran out in front to block the picture!

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