Friday, October 02, 2015

September Wrap Up

A few random pictures from September

Robert wasn't able to make it to the BYU home opener so I invited my cousin Hillary to come with me. It was one of the best football games I've ever been to. They were down by three with less than a minute left and they scored a touchdown! Everyone was so excited they were high fiving strangers. Then less than fifteen seconds later they had an interception and and scored again!

I took the kids to the Utah Museum of Natural History. We all got free tickets from the county library summer reading program. These kids had no problem reading enough books, but I had to actually make an effort to read so I could earn my ticket.

Dressing up as animals and bugs.

 Julia got her school pictures back and looks super grown up. (She is in first grade this year)

 We went to an open house at the new Draper police station. I think Julia got the most out of it because she understood when I told her what each area was used for, but the boys were decently behaved as well. (Except for a couple times when Camden tried to run away and I had to chase him down the hall.)

Julia celebrated the moon festival at school.

And then the next week we went to my parents house to see the super blood moon- a lunar eclipse with a supermoon. The moon was fully eclipsed by 8:45 so the kids were able to be awake for the whole thing. Afterwards Julia said she was going to re-paint the picture she made for the moon festival and change the moon to red.

 Julia practicing her Mandarin characters.

I found the rest of the store bought cookies in the case like this one night. I know exactly who did it. Camden does this with the food on his plate. He takes a bite out of everything. Sometimes he'll finish his food, but everything gets at least one bite taken out of it.

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