Monday, May 04, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Julia!

Our firstborn is now 6 (going on 16)! She always has a lot to say, loves using her imagination, and is a bit of a drama queen sometimes.

Her actual birthday was Sunday, so we just had some family over to sing to her and eat cupcakes. She wanted "Tinker Bell-green frosting" because she currently loves Tinker Bell.

I gave her the option of going out somewhere fun like we did for Micah's birthday, or having a birthday party. She didn't hesitate to choose having a birthday party (like a true extrovert she loves the excitement of a good party). We went with a Neverland theme birthday because she wanted to do a fairy birthday, and I told her we should do something to include the boys too if they didn't want to be fairies. So we focused on Pirates and Fairies in Neverland.

We decorated fairy houses.

Most of the little girls used markers to color theirs and added stickers, but we also had the option of paint for the older kids. And they didn't have to make a fairy house, they could just stick with the regular bird house if they wanted.

The girls got fairy wings, boys got pirate swords, hats, and eye patches, and any leftovers were up for grabs for anyone.

My grandparent's came, their first time to our house.

We also went on a Nature Treasure hunt, and when the kids finished finding all their items they met me back at the Pirates Den (Micah's room) where we found the "treasure," a box of chocolate gold coins. Like all true pirates we handed the coins out to everyone one by one until they were gone so everyone got an equal share.

Finding their nature items.

Anyone who was too old for the crafts and games sat in the living room and chatted.

We also had a Tinkerbell pinata.

Ryker was surprisingly good at whacking it.

Then we had dinner. While we were eating dinner Julia fell off her swingset and was in tears, so we opened presents to cheer her up. She wouldn't leave my lap though, so I had to sit there with her.

Then we had cake and cupcakes. See the video at the beginning of the post.

One little "lost boy" Camden

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