Wednesday, February 17, 2016

President's Day Weekend

We went to the Provo City Center Temple Open House. The kids were not quite as excited for this open house (actually Camden was excited still) and this is the third temple open house we have been to in the past yearish. So I reminded them that it is a privilege to be able to see inside a temple and that I had only been to one temple open house when I was growing up.

We also went to see a new IMAX 3D movie at the planetarium, National Parks Adventure. Micah started off the movie by spilling a large soda all over the floor, but then he spent the rest of the movie on Grandpa Sandberg's lap eating popcorn. He kept taking off his glasses to see what it looked like without them. Camden on the other hand sat in his chair with his lemonade and popcorn and was mesmerized by the movie. He never once tried to take off his glasses during the show.

Julia and I went to the Norman Rockwell Exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. Julia's school has an original Normal Rockwell hanging in their school library so I thought Julia would like to see some more art by the same artist. The painting is of Ichabod Crane and Rockwell painted two versions of it, a later more detailed version that the school has and an earlier less detailed one that was on display at the exhibit. The explanation next to the painting talked about Julia's school and how the students had acquired it!

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