Sunday, February 07, 2016

Blue Mini-Wheat

There is a new Mini Wheat on the way! My due date is July 22, so maybe I will get a new baby for my birthday this year (my birthday is the 19th). I'm 16 weeks now. We weren't going to say anything except to close family until we found out the gender at 20 weeks, but I have been showing very early this time and it's pretty obvious even now that I am pregnant. I started thinking of going to a 3D ultrasound place at the mall and doing one of their basic gender reveal packages so we could find out earlier. And once I started thinking about it I got too excited to think that we could find out what we were having already, so we went for it. The doctor said there was absolutely no question, it was very obviously....another boy!

Robert and I both have 3 boys and 1 girl in our family so it fits. Julia was hoping for a girl, but she said that Cameron (her cousin) is cute so maybe our baby will be cute and then she would be okay with a boy. I've been feeling nauseous and tired since about Thanksgiving but it has started to ease up this week. Usually it's manageable until it is late at night, so I usually put the kids to bed and just go to bed myself before bad things start to happen ;)
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