Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Very Wheat Christmas

Christmas this year was in Park City with the Wheat family, which is always a blast. This is the first year we have been there that the kids except for Tyler and Julia have been able to enjoy it. We played games, played in the snow, and the kids just played together,

Robert has more pictures and videos from his GoPro, but these are a few that I had on my phone. We forgot to bring our nice camera up this year. Even though this snowmobile wasn't running I couldn't convince Camden to get off of it. I wanted to take him sledding, but he kept telling me he was driving the snwmobile.

The kids loved being driven around on the snowmobiles. This is Micah with Robert.

They also had a little blue snowmobile that Tyler and Julia drove around on their own. This is Robert taking Micah on it.

On the day we left the cabin we stopped at Cafe Rio as we left the canyon. Julia and Tyler with their missing teeth smiles. 

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