Sunday, February 07, 2016

Some More December Christmas Activities

We've done a ton of stuff that I haven't blogged about, so I'm going to try to fit in some of the things in a couple posts today. 

Way back in December, we went to the Festival of Trees for the first time. We had a friend from Virginia (who has also since moved to Utah) whose young son, Boston, died this year and the family did a tree in his memory. Since he had been to many countries in his short life the theme for the tree was Angels Around the World. They asked everyone who wanted to participate to donate angel ornaments from different countries around the world. My mother-in-law, two aunts, and I donated some ornaments. It was a really neat tree to see in person and I'm glad we were able to make it to see the tree. 

Julia wanted her three front teeth for Christmas this year. Actually she asked Santa for a hamster, which we are still working on...Santa brought her a gift card and she was able to go to the pet store and pick out her own hamster. Unfortunately that one got sick and died a week later even after we had gotten medicine for it. Now we are on hamster #2, but that one also just got we took it back to the pet store and they bought it back so they could medicate it and they are going to call us if it gets better (they can't medicate it unless they own it, so they have to buy them back).

I took Julia to see a production of The Nutcracker put on by a collaboration of dance studios in the area. One of my primary girls was even in it and I didn't know until after I had bought the tickets.

One evening we had a Christmas get together at our house in Draper with some of my Mom's family and my grandparents. The kids decorated/ate cookies and the adults ate dinner and sang Christmas carols.

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