Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This is what I wrote on Saturday evening about our weekend....

Robert and Julia at the Jefferson Memorial

That was it. I figured I'd wait and add more to it from what we did on Monday. Only...we didn't do anything on Monday. Sunday night we decided we were laying down the law and making Julia sleep in her crib again. So Monday morning everyone was tired and we just didn't have the motivation to go anywhere (besides a walk to the park, that's a given everyday with Julia around here). I think Julia has resigned herself to the fact now that she has to sleep in her crib, although she still is waking up a lot throughout the night and naps. We'll see how tonight goes.

At least we did have a nice Saturday. We visited the Jefferson Memorial, sped through the Holocaust Museum before Julia could get a chance to whine, met some friends for lunch on the Mall, and then stopped by the FDR Memorial on the way back to our car.

And in case you've never heard of the FDR Memorial, it is out on the other side of the Tidal Basin from everything, so not a lot of people go there. It was very...long (It's spread over 7.5 acres). Robert really liked it. It had a lot of fountains and is right next to the water so it is a very pretty area. It has four areas (they call them outdoor rooms) that represent each of FDR terms in office: the Depression, Fireside Chats, War, and...death? I don't remember, the last one, just that he died one year into his fourth presidency term. Some pictures from the web since we didn't take any of us there:

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